Handbook on photoemission



- Electronic structure theory for ground and excited state properties of materials

- Overview of core and valence photoemission

- General theory of core electron photoemission

- Valence band VUV spectra

- Angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy: From photoemission imaging to spatial resolution

- Electronic states of magnetic materials

- The band structure theory of LEED and photoemission

- Time-resolved two-photon photoemission

- Low-energy (e,2e) spectroscopy

- One-photon two-electron transitions at surfaces

- Overview of surface structures

- Angle resolved photoelectron spectroscopy: From traditional to two-dimensional photoelectron spectroscopy

- Holographic surface crystallography: Substrate as reference

- XAFS and related methods: Theoretical techniques

- X-ray optics, standing waves, and interatomic effects in photoemission and X-ray emission

- Thermal vibrations at surfaces analysed with LEED