ADI angular distribution image
APW augmented plane wave
ARPES angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy
ARUPS angle-resolved ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy
BZ Brillouin zone
CBM conduction band minimum
CDAD circular dichroism angular distribution
CFS constant final state
CIS constant initial state
cw clockwise
ccw counterclockwise
DF dielectric function
DFT density functional theory
DK dielektrische Konstante
DOS density of states
EDC energy distribution curve
EELS electron energy loss spectroscopy
EHT extended Hückel theory
ELAPW extended linearized augmented plane wave
ESCA electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis
ETBM empirical tight-binding method
fcc face centered cubic
FWHM full width at half maximum intensity
FLAPW full-potential linearized augmented plane wave
IBZ irreducible part of the Brillouin zone
IPES inverse photoelectron spectroscopy
KKR Korringa Kohn Rostoker
LAPW linearized augmented plane wave
LCAO linear combination of atomic orbitals
LCP left circularly polarized (light)
LDA local density approximation
LEED low-energy electron diffraction
MCD magnetic circular dichroism
MG multi grid
MT muffin tin
PAD photoelectron angular distribution
PES photoelectron spectroscopy
PD photoelectron diffraction
PEAD photoelectron angular distribution
PES photoelectron spectroscopy
PH photoelectron holography
PhD photoelectron diffraction
PW plane wave
QMC quantum Monte Carlo
QTBM quantum transmitting boundary method
RCP right circularly polarized (light)
RPA random phase approximation
SBZ surface Brillouin zone
SDOS surface density of states
SPPD spin-polarized photoelectron diffraction
SPPH spin-polarized photoelectron holography
SR synchroton radiation
TB tight binding
TCS target current spectroscopy
TDLDA time-dependent local density approximation
UHV ultrahigh vacuum
UPS ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy
VB valence band
VBM valence band maximum
VBZ volume Brillouin zone
VLEED very low-energy electron diffraction
VQMC variational quantum Monte Carlo
VUV vacuum ultraviolet
XPD x-ray photoelectron diffraction
XPS x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy

CAU Kiel
6 Aug 1999
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